5 Reasons RELX is Unlike Any E-Cigarette

5 Reasons RELX is Unlike Any E-Cigarette

5 Reasons RELX is Unlike Any E-Cigarette

If you’re an adult smoker looking to ease your way into quitting cigarettes, e-cigarettes are a satisfying alternative to curb the habit. 

E-cigarettes are handy battery-powered devices that use a heating atomizer to transform “e-liquid” into inhaled vapor. Since they come in many forms and sizes, it can feel overwhelming to decide which one to get. 

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far because RELX has all the essentials you’ll need in an e-cigarette, plus more! Don’t believe us? Read on to discover 5 things that set our devices apart from other e-cigarettes. 

1. RELX Quality is more than standard. From product design, material selection, development, and production, we place great importance on the quality and impact of each process by conducting extensive testing and evaluation.                        

2. RELX allows you to personalize your experience by providing options to suit every lifestyle. Choose from different devices, flavor options, and nicotine strength to enhance your satisfaction.

3. The convenience of RELX products is unmatched. Going on an out-of-town trip and worried you’ll run out of juice? RELX pods carry up to 2ml e-juiceenough to support a heavy smoker’s vaping needs for 4 days (on average). Forgot to charge your device? We offer wireless charging cases, too!


4. No other e-cigarette delivers a super smooth puff from start to finish as RELX does.  This smoothness is achieved by RELX’s state-of-the-art Active-steam Pro and Air Boost technologies which help provide a velvety sensation with every hit. 


5. RELX devices are just as stylish to look at as they are to use. As a winner of the Red Dot Design Award, European Product Design Awards, and International Design Awards, it’s no secret that our devices are the sleekest, most advanced, and intuitive e-cigarettes on the market.


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