A Beginner’s Guide to RELX: Which RELX Device is for you?

A Beginner’s Guide to RELX: Which RELX Device is for you?

A Beginner’s Guide to RELX: Which RELX Device is for you? 

ICYMI, we just launched our newest device: RELX Essential, the third-generation vape among the brand’s Super Smooth™devices.

Users can now conveniently choose from RELX Classic, Infinity, and Essential devices. 

If you’re unsure which device to get or you’ve been considering an upgrade, you’re in the right place. In this article, we take a comparison between our first-generation device, RELX Classic, and our most recent innovations, RELX Infinity and RELX Essential.






Functional Design


RELX Classic is our first-generation device with a sleek and minimalistic design. Its finish is a smooth aluminum alloy which allows the device to be very lightweight. The indicator light is in the shape of a raindrop, and it conveniently lights up to inform you if your device needs to recharge. To charge the device, simply plug in a micro-USB cable. 


A winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, RELX Infinity is a unibody vape with a premium design, It’s finished with metallic aluminum alloy and feels satin smooth. The LED Indicator light is a light ring that delivers an extra layer of texture to the design. Apart from lighting up when its battery is low, it also has smart pace alerts that light up to notify you if you’ve taken more than 15 puffs in 15 minutes. This is to help you keep track of your vaping use. You can charge the device with a USB-C charger or through a wireless charging case which is exclusively compatible with Infinity devices.


RELX Essential is an entry-point device that provides all you need in a vape at an affordable price. Its distinct wavy surface texture doesn’t just provide protection from everyday wear and tear, but it also allows you to easily grip and grab it from your bag. Its LED indicator light is a simple and minimalist line. Like the Infinity, it can be easily recharged with a Type-C charger.


Pod Connection


Classic devices use pods shaped in an innovative honeycomb style. The mouthpiece has a duckbill shape for comfortability. As an added protection, dual silicone rings are present to prevent juice leakage. 


Meanwhile, Infinity and Essential devices are compatible with Pod Pro. These pods are made leak-resistant through their internal design. By using 11 layers and a maze-like structure, it’s able to trap condensation and e-liquid to resist leaking. Apart from its sleek symmetrical shape, it also features an ergonomic mouthpiece design to maximize comfort when inhaling.


When it’s time to swap pods, RELX devices keep it simple. 


For classic devices, simply switch out the new pod, and the magnets will instantly secure each pod. 

Infinity and Essential devices provide an even more intuitive and seamless experience. Once you switch out the pods, the magnets will secure the pod with a subtle click. When the pod is connected to the device, it will provide vibration feedback and the indicator light will flash once. 



Availability of Flavors and Colors


Classic devices come in 11 color ways, and even feature some gradient shades, too! Its compatible pods are available in an abundance of flavors to suit any user’s preferences. With over 20 flavors to choose from, you can easily find something you’ll like, whether you prefer fruity or minty. 

You can find Infinity devices in 5 unique shades, as well as some optional accessories to complement your device. Meanwhile RELX Essential is available in 6 colors. In terms of flavor options, Pod Pro offers 9 options based on RELX’s best-selling flavors. 


Find the Right Device for You


In the end, finding the right RELX device for you is based on personal preference.


If you’re new to RELX and want to get into vaping, Essential is a great introduction to the brand. Not only is it the most affordable among the three, but it also has all the great features its counterparts have including a sleek design, leak-resistant pods, and smooth performance. 


If you’re someone who likes having a variety of options, whether in device colors or flavor options, Classic is the clear winner as it offers a handful of choices to choose from.


Lastly, if you’re an experienced e-cigarette user or already own a Classic device, upgrading to the Infinity should be the next step. As the Red Dot Winner 2020, the RELX Infinity has a better design and inhalation experience.


Shop RELX Classic, Infinity, and Essential here!

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