A Beginner’s Guide to RELX: How to deal with a leaking vape

A Beginner’s Guide to RELX: How to deal with a leaking vape

While RELX’s devices and pods are designed to help prevent any leakage, leaking may still occur if your device has been shaken violently, turned upside down, or used under extreme temperature and air pressure. 

If your RELX starts leaking, no need to throw your pods out just yet. Here are some quick and easy fixes.

Relax your mouth while you vape

This will help prevent you from biting and putting pressure on the mouthpiece or squeezing it between your lips while you puff. 

Puff Gently.  

Avoid aggressive puffs. Taking large, fast draws could create more suction, drawing juice into your mouth. It should only take a gentle pull to generate an adequate amount of vapor. 

Allow time between puffs.

Taking hits off your vape one after the other can overload your pods, causing it to leak. By allowing time between puffs, you can avoid potential leaks caused by overuse.

Check if the leak is condensate or e-liquid.

To check, wipe the leak with a white tissue or finger. Condensate is a dark brown liquid, while e-liquid is a light yellow liquid. 

If it’s e-liquid, you can simply wipe off the liquid before inserting it into the device. 

Condensate is generated when the atomized vapor generated by atomizer-heating meets the low-temperature atomization chamber and undergoes liquefaction. 

To dispose of the condensate, wipe the joint between the pod and the rod with tissue frequently. Then, gently swing the pod downward to throw out the accumulated condensate.

If your RELX pods continue to leak after these steps, save the pods with their packaging and let us know so we can replace them after inspection.

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